The Broker

The broker was a smiling Marwari, with caramel-coloured skin, brown hair. When Ramesh talked to him he kept up an echoing chorus of encouragement and assent.

R: I told him not to buy that land...
B: Not to buy - that's right.

R: because the documents were false.
B: False - correct, they're false.

R: So he said, now it's done, what shall I do?
B: Hunh, hunh, that's right.

R: I told him, you should meet with the villagers...
B: The villagers, accha, accha, theek hai.

R: because they were against those people.
B: That's right, that's right.

R: They can help you to drive them out.
B: Drive them out, that's correct.

I was hypnotised by the rhythm of his politeness.

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