There's an unbelievable op-ed piece in the NYT today: Pakistan's Collapse Our Problem. It seems to me to be delusional in the extreme. I can't imagine any scenario in which Pakistani authorities, military or civilian, would allow an American force to come in and 'protect' their nuclear facilities, and hold their country together for them. (I especially love the idea that American forces should carry Pakistani nuclear materials to New Mexico, and keep them safe for Pakistan there! Even the authors of the piece concede that it's not likely that Pakistan would agree to this.)

I'm just wondering -- if the New York Times is hosting such a piece, by people from the American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institution, does it mean that many others are also thinking along the same lines? What do you think?

p.s.: And don't miss this, also from the NYT: U.S. Hopes to Arm Pakistani Tribes Against Al Qaeda


Joel said...

The United States currently possesses a mindset that it must cure the military woes of the world, I think, as a way of avoiding facing up to other, more pressing problems such as global warming. I doubt that we will see it shaken of this attitude in our lifetimes. Alas.

Nancy said...

The big argument here on global warming seems to be that the developed countries caused the mess, so it's up to them to so something. Alas indeed.

At least I live in a fairly peaceful country, where almost no one has, or would imagine having, a gun. Guns are for terrorists and big-time criminals only.