Eating/admiring cape gooseberries ('geuzbrees'). Orange/green/yellow gleaming spheres enclosed in veined onionskin paper. Sweet-sour. Sweet.


Joel said...

I'll nibble on some cranberries and think of you.

Beag Óg Bramblefoot said...

I just love gooseberries. Each year I make quite a bit of gooseberry jam.

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Anonymous said...


I enjoyed them when I chanced upon them in India this time. I have seen gooseberry jam here in America but have never seen fresh gooseberries.

I wonder if they grow them here.


Nancy said...

@Beag Óg Bramblefoot -- I've done this once, but thanks. I don't think I have any more random facts to share ;D

Akhlesh said...

In Hindi, these are called ras-bharees, not to be confused
with raspberries.

Nancy said...

Oh, that's interesting -- ras-bhari meaning, I presume, full of flavour, which they certainly are. Thanks!