I just learned from Blogocentricity that Sawariya (a new Hindi movie, which has had poorish reviews) means 'Are you dying?' in colloquial Tamil. ('saavu' = corpse 'death') My first chortle of the morning.

(Oh -- just realised that 'saavu' is the same as Sanskrit 'shava'. Hmm.)


Navin Sigamany said...

Hi Nancy,

Long time no read your blog :(

Saavu means death in Tamil.

And I miss Chennai - it must be a hoot being there listening to everyone mangle the names of Hindi movies. The worst sufferer was 'Hum Apke Hai Kaun' (quite a mouthful, I agree), which was mangled into 'Amma kai kona kai', meaning 'mother's hand, crooked hand'!

Nancy said...

Hi, Navin -- thanks for correcting me. Still making elementary mistakes, after all these years.