Twitter's charms have not been evident to me -- but today I read in Via Negativa '"I’m taking advantage of Twitter’s strict, 140-character limit, challenging myself once a day to answer the question, “What can I see or hear from my front porch while I drink my morning coffee?”' -- Morning Porch

That sounded interesting, then, on going there I found another twitterer whose writing I admire, sbpoet. There must be more.

So I went and got an account: nancygandhi (I could have done better than that?). I'm not sure about it: I mean, I'm treating this blog shabbily enough; will I be able to stick with regular 140 character utterances? I'll see. Maybe I can get rid of some of those unfinished poem-fragments I have lying around, at least.


Dave said...

Fragments are fun to read! Especially when there's a possibility of connecting them like puzzle pieces over time. If I get tired of the Morning Porch thing after a year, maybe I'll try a Twitter epic, one line at a time.

Joel said...

You can add me to your follow list: EmperorNorton