South Indian Spiders

You know those light brown spiders whose legs grow to about the circumference of a saucer, and who, because they like moisture, lurk in bathrooms, so that at your most vulnerable moments you may look up and see them and get all mentally disorganised? I assume that they're harmless because no one has ever warned me against them. And I don't mind smaller spiders at all, probably because I loved Charlotte's Web... but I do wonder sometimes.

So I found this very interesting website, South Indian spiders. It's attractive to look at, with photographs and descriptions and lots of information about spiders generally (and some slightly creepy or cute graphics, depending on your point of view).

Unfortunately I can't figure out whether one of them is the bathroom spider -- which I have seen in other parts of India as well. Can anyone enlighten me on this one?


R. Balaji said...

Hi, the bathroom spider would most probably be the banana spider listed under the Family Sparassidae in page 2 of the website you linked.
I remember reading they are efficient cockroach killers but harmless as far as humans are concerned.

Nancy said...

Yes! Thank you - I'm sure you're right. How did I miss it?