Luxury Rooms Still Available

Once again we went for coffee, and looked at the LUXURY ROOMS AVAILABLE sign that I had blogged about here. I pointed the sign out to R as if it were a famous or beloved landmark, and as I did so I saw that one of the rooms had an occupant. A man wearing a sleeveless undershirt was leaning on the sill of an open window, smoking a cigarette and looking out. He was just as I had imagined him, except that he wore trousers instead of a lungi – but then it was the middle of the day. (Perhaps he was one of the guests Teju suggested in a comment to my earlier post, who required a luxury room only for an hour or two.)

On the way home I stopped at a stationery store. While the proprietor was writing out my bill a man came in and bought three sheets of paper. He handed over a ten-rupee note, but the proprietor shook his head and said, “No change.” The man fished around in his pocket and came up with a Rs. 5 coin, whereupon the proprietor grudgingly opened a small drawer full of coins, and gave him Rs. 3 back.

Thus the highlights of the day.

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