Hindi TV ad: An unattractive young man is trying to talk to a pretty young woman. She turns away from him, but he persists. As she tries to brush him off, her hands brush her face and she realises with dismay that her skin is sticky. Voiceover:
Which is more sticky, that joker or your fairness cream? ... Use [the product]. No more stickiness, just whiteness!

'Joker' and 'fairness cream' are in English. Joker has been an insult for decades - I don't know how many. The Hindi word used for stickiness is chipchip. I like it - one of those Hindi doubled words, and it's fun to say.

There are so many fairness creams. Two main ones in the ads are both in pink tubes like toothpaste tubes. Apparently they are so much alike in results that the only way to differentiate between them is to claim that one makes you feel sticky.

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