Adyar Day

February 17 is observed as Adyar Day by the Theosophical Society, whose world headquarters are here in Chennai (in the suburb of Adyar, in fact, though why they named the day after the suburb I don't know). According to a (non-scholarly, i.e. subject to error; i.e., I'm too lazy to do any research on the subject right now) diary entry I made when I was studying dance here, Adyar Day
commemorates a day when Colonel Olcott [one of the founders of the Society, along with Madame Blavatsky] was dying, and was trying to choose a successor to head the Society. Several rishis [immortal sages] materialized in the room, were seen by others as well, and told Col. Olcott to nominate Annie Besant.

 Col. Olcott

It is also Bishop Leadbeater's birthday. Once, when Leadbeater was sitting near Mme. Blavatsky, a letter from rishis in the Himalayas suddenly materialised. The letter said that he should go to India to work with the Theosophical Society. He did go, and was granted jnana-drsti -- second sight. He could magnetise jewels to make rakshas [raksha = protection; so, jewels which protect their wearers], and could see nature spirits building the leaves of the trees.
Bishop Leadbeater

Read The Early History of the Theosophical Society, from which I have taken these pictures.

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