Central clock tower gets its old face back (The New Indian Express)
CHENNAI: The tallest clock in the city has got back its old face. As part of its renovation package, Southern Railway has restored the original front dial of the 125-year-old clock atop the tower in Chennai Central railway station....

The heritage clocks, made by Gillet & Bland Steam Clock Factory Manufacturers, have 20-inch long hour hands and 41-inch-long minute hands, both of which are made out of copper plates and powder-coated. The numerals measure 12 inches each in height.

The clock runs by a system of three balancing counter weights: one for running of the clock, the second for hourly strikes and the third for striking every 15 minutes. While the first counter weight weighs 300 lbs, the other two weigh 600 lbs each. The oscillations of the pendulum are maintained by the force of these weights. The clock is manually wound twice a week.

See also No Stopping This Clock (The Hindu), from which this picture was taken.

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