William Dalrymple on Benazir Bhutto

William Dalrymple, travel writer, historian and sharp observer of South Asia, has written an excellent piece on Benazir Bhutto for the Guardian: Pakistan's flawed and feudal princess -- take a look at the very interesting comments as well.


Lucy said...

Can't seem to get the link on that Nancy, it looks interesting indeed.

Happy new year to you and yours and thanks for visiting.

E (formerly monkeypaints!) said...

The link is here
and the debate in the comments that follow are every bit as interesting!

Happy New Year Nancy - and I hope the bandicoot stays away!

E said...

oh good grief - the link got broken


Nancy said...

Thanks for telling me about the link, and for correcting it -- and for pointing out the comments. I read the article before there were any comments. I'm glad to see that, in spite of the usual crazies, most people responded very positively to the article.

Anonymous said...

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