There's so much wonderful writing around, and today I don't feel that I can write at all, and even if I did, what? Talk about fiddling while Rome burns: eating peppercorns while the world convulses. I can hardly bestir myself to put titles to these word-bites. So here are two places I have found recently, where people are writing beautifully, in very different ways:

BridalBeer - about living in Calcutta, foreign-returned, under pressure to get married. Quotes old Hindi film songs (with translation). Is vivid and funny.

Her Little Bird - just read it, and find out for yourself.

Speaking of the convulsing world, two recent Google referrals made all those pathetic requests for "pron" look wholesome:
Pictures of Tibetan Women Torture Equipment
pictures of indian women urinating

Sometimes I think I shouldn't even look at them.

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