From The Hindu: Reservations keep fishermen from sea

Boats lying idle in a fising harbour in Chennai - Photo: R. Ragu

...It has almost been a month since the tsunami struck. Not all boats, especially in Chennai, were destroyed or damaged by the giant waves. Ministers and officials have been trying to encourage fishermen to resume their operations. But there seems to be reservations among them about resuming their livelihood, for a variety of reasons. ...

"The waters are not clear. People do not want to eat fish. They think it will be infected. What is the use of going out to sea now? ...

On another front, officials, non-governmental organisations and veterinarians are trying to drive home the message: "Fish are safe for eating." Some organisations are planning to conduct fish-eating demonstrations to infuse confidence in the people that fish have not been infected in the wake of the tsunami.

The Chennai Corporation launched a "eat fish" campaign with a special buffet for corporators.(more)

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