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Dilip D'Souza's blog, Death Ends Fun, has a charming piece about a visit to his grandfather's abandoned house, on Montieth Road in Chennai: Swishing my bat.

And his latest entry, about jazz in Bollywood, links to a fascinating article: Remembering Anthony Gonsalves. One of the first Hindi films I saw was Amar Akbar Anthony. No one who saw it could forget Amitabh Bachchan singing 'My Name is Anthony Gonsalves,' but I'm sure few people knew that there was a real Anthony, a Goanese musician, arranger and composer who worked in the film studios of Bollywood. The article is about Anthony Gonsalves and other musicians who brought jazz influences into Bollywood film music.

(For those who don't know it, Amar Akbar Anthony had one of the most ridiculous plots of all time: three brothers, separated at birth and raised by foster parents in three different religions. Grown up and reunited through a series of improbable coincidences, they end up lying side by side in hospital beds around their injured mother, also recently rediscovered, all donating blood to her at the same time, with the blood-filled tubes flowing direcly from their bodies to hers! It was a triumph!)

Another link: Still Waters Run Deep - watercolour paintings by Indian contemporary artists.

Okay, one more: Another Subcontinent: South Asian Society and Culture

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