Extreme Kite-Flying, Again

Kite thread injures motorist after entangling him

CHENNAI: A motorist was injured on Sunday when the thread of a stray kite wound around him as he was riding with his wife and child near Triplicane, police said.


The thread of the kite was of the kind called maanja - one containing powdered glass. The glass would be ground into fine powdered particles and mixed with an adhesive. This would then be applied all along the thread. This makes cutting the threads of other kites during competitions easier.

The police have banned the use of maanja as it was life-threatening. But the rules are flouted and the use of maanja is commonplace. Two previous incidents in the recent past have left two persons gravely injured and one dead, but things have not changed.

‘‘Use of maanja has been banned. But even ordinary cords are dangerous. Kite-flying activities have to be curbed at public places...."

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