More about Adi

I have been learning a lot from keeping this blog - and learning more about what I don't know. I suddenly became aware of the traditional Tamil calendar, and began to look around for information about the current Tamil month, Adi (July 17-August 16 this year). Now, I have learned two more things about it:

I went to get a haircut, and found the beauty parlour completely empty. The woman who cuts my hair said, "It's the season. People try to avoid getting their hair cut at this time."

I assume that this would also be a good time to schedule elective surgery. When I first arrived here I was told that it would be easy to get medical and dental work done on Tuesdays, as many people avoided such things on that day (and hair-cutting? It involves sharp instruments and therefore might be considered risky?)

The second thing I learned was darker. From yesterday's The Hindu (but I think only in the print edition):
It is one thing for adults to take vows and fulfil them, and quite another when a vow is taken in the name of a child. The scene at a temple at Egmore spoke eloquently.

Lemon garlands were being sewed to the skin of a boy on Tuesday, and his eyes brimmed with tears.

Would it bring a shower of good luck for him? Can there not be Adi without pain?

So the character of Adi seems to be one of inauspiciousness and austerities -- no marriages, or at least not until after the new moon; no initiation ceremonies; acts of penance. Why is that? Is there a reason for it in mythology? If anyone who reads this could help me to understand it better, I'd be grateful.

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