I just looked out of the drawing-room window and saw six monkeys walking across the front courtyard -- three adult males and three juveniles. There was nothing to stop them in our compound, but when they reached the wall the neighbour's dog jumped up and began barking furiously. So they all climbed into a eucalyptus tree, where they are sitting close together, grooming each other.

This is not an everyday occurrence -- I wonder where they could have come from. Perhaps the Theosophical Society headquarters, but then they'd have to have crossed the river. The last time we had monkeys in the garden - just two, a mother and child - was about a year ago, and the crows hounded them out pretty quickly. But this group of six might be more than the crows can handle. They're a nuisance (monkeys and crows both!), they steal food, and can be nasty if you try to shoo them off. Which is understandable, I suppose.

A little excitement, and now it's time for tea.

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