Spurred on by Dinesh of Points of Departure, I decided I'd better try to identify the twittering birds I'd been told were called Seven Rishis. Dinesh supplied a picture of the Common Babbler from what looks like a good website: India Birds -- this is the best thing about weblogs -- people with all kinds of expertise tell you things you didn't know...

Anyway, I pulled out my copy of Collins Handguide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent by Michael Woodcock (?!), and decided that we have Quaker Babblers:

Can that be right? ... And I decided, more importantly, to pay better attention to what is in front of my eyes.

Yes, and I will add an earlier description of my perhaps-babbler, who wasn't being very Quakerish at the time -- the last 'another bird' among a series who decided that our windows were dangerous to their young:
For several days birds have been attacking our windows. Our bedroom is being taken care of by a mynah - I saw him fly from the window to a nest in one of the eucalyptus trees. It briefly joined another mynah there, then returned to the fray - a male defending its young. It puffs up to double its size, lets out a ringing series of notes, then flies at the glass, peck peck peck. It sits on the balcony rail for a bit - and has gotten it very dirty, in just three days - then lets out a cry and begins again.

And this morning, in the drawing room, I heard a tap and looked to see a brown spotted dove at the same work. It is so pretty, with its tiny head.

I mind both of these less than the crow which tormented us early every morning for months. That thing was a machine of cruelty, with its huge sharp beak, metallic coloring, sharp claws.

There was another bird which also tried his hand at vanquishing the window - I stood inside watching him one day, he was a soft brown ball of fluff - he would fly at the glass with tail down and wings outstretched, and his claws would get tangled up in his tail, and he would fall to the floor of the balcony, and roll over and over until he got himself detached, and try again with the same result. The third time it happened, it became painful to watch, and I went away.

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