Some Things About Coonoor

Coonoor is about 1770 metres higher, and 30 degrees cooler, than steamy, tropical Chennai by the sea. Here are some things about it:

it has fallen leaves that look like autumn

red tile roofs are everywhere - even on the churches

you can wear a wool shawl in the evening

it has beef stalls

mist rises up from the valleys

there are tea plantations everywhere, even in the town

(okay, you can see this in Chennai too:) a cow with horns still bright after the Pongal festival

you can walk for ten minutes and reach the forest

it has monkeys.


Joel said...

I'd hate to live in a place with monkeys running around. I bet they're worse than blue jays.

Nancy said...

You're right - and they're bigger than blue jays, too. They swing from your cable tv cable and spoil the reception, and run off with anything shiny. And they're not at all endearing...

Abraham Tharakan said...


Lucy said...

Wonderful and various set of photos, thank you!