Two Things

Last night we saw a trashy Hindi film, Hawas (Lust) (one of two Hindi remakes of the American film Unfaithful - the other being Murder - which was in turn a remake of Claude Chabrol's La Femme infidèle. I've seen all four of them now; much more than enough).

My favourite line of dialogue came at the beginning, when two policemen with peculiar singsong accents, ostensibly because the movie was set in Dubai, are questioning a murder suspect. They insist that she take them to her home.
Policeman: We wanted to question you in your own home, so that if you needed support you could have the walls.

It was as enigmatic to me as a Zen koan.

Hopefully the cyclone season is over, but here's a place to keep an eye on the next one: Tropical Storm Risk. This page is for the Indian Ocean, but it has links to other parts of the world as well.

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