We went to a surgical supply store, because R wanted to look at digital blood pressure readers. They had several models, all made in China; but I was attracted to the anatomy models.
The store was very small and narrow. Three men, including R, sat on stools on one side of the counter, with the proprietor, a round-faced Punjabi, standing behind it. They were all talking and R was joking with them, as though it were a bar and the owner the bartender.
I wanted to buy this one, to keep in the house as a sculpture. I asked one of the two girls who stood around without obvious functions, except to follow the owner's orders, what it cost. She turned to the owner and said, "Sir?" He said, not unpleasantly, "Why are you always telling me 'Sir, Sir,' you don't know anything for yourself?" Meanwhile, R had shot me a look which said very plainly, "Don't even think about it" - and I had a feeling that he might be right - so I didn't pursue it.
I also liked the head with acupuncture sites marked in Chinese, and the giant gums and teeth. There were plenty of Chinese goods in the store. In fact, it seemed to have just about everything, stowed away in nooks and crannies. The proprietor was not able to give his full attention to anyone, because his cell phone rang continuously. The two men sitting beside R began to look impatient; R said they were buyers for a nursing home, with a big order, and would be expecting a commission for themselves.
As we were leaving I thanked the owner for not minding my taking photographs. He waved his hand and said, "No problem." R told him, "She's going to put these pictures on her website." He said, "Fine, and you might just mention the name of my company at the same time." So here it is: Madan Surgical Corp. on Mount Road, next to Pioneer Sports.

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