Stone Inscriptions

997 A.D. stone inscriptions found in Tamil Nadu997 A.D. stone inscriptions found in Tamil Nadu


CHENNAI, JULY 3. Bilingual inscriptions in Tamil `vatteluttu' and Sanskrit in Grantha letters engraved on an outlet stone of a big lake has been found at Madakkulam village near Srivilliputhur town of Tamil Nadu's Virudhunagar district. The inscriptions were made during the reign of the Chola King, Raja Raja I, and is dated in the 12th year of his reign (997 A.D.). He ascended the throne in 985 A.D.

It was Raja Raja Chola who built the Big Temple at Thanjavur.

The inscription is about the process of water distribution from the lake. The Tamil `vatteluttu' inscription is in concentric circles on the top surface of theoutlet stone while the Sanskrit inscription is in verse form on the other four sides.

The Sanskrit inscription ends on the side where there is an engraving of Ganesha seated on a lotus with a long stem.

The outlet in the lake is circular and the stone is erected in the middle. The outlet structure has seven channels through which water can be let out in equal measure. A sluice stone with an inscription in Sanskrit, also of the same period, was found but the inscription is faded and illegible. ... (more)

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