Badminton and an Elephant

Our friend who produces TV serials came yesterday evening to play badminton. He has a new serial debuting today (Monday), so he's been busy. We asked what he's been doing lately. He said that he had sent a small camera crew to Trichy yesterday to take footage of the temple elephant at Shrirangam. It's a very large elephant. Every morning it emerges from the temple, goes down to the river, fills its trunk with water and carries it back for the Lord -- for the morning puja.

The crew was to film it, and was due back in the evening, when the director would choose some shots to insert in the serial. This sounded like a lot of fun, dashing off to take pictures of the elephant -- but then I thought, oh, it must have been very early in the morning, and it would be hot... so I was happy, sitting in the garden and imagining the whole thing.

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