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In Pakistan's Friday Times (free registration required): Writer William Dalrymple has an article, Stone temple pirates: He may be a great writer of fiction, but Sir Vidia’s views of Indian history are dangerous and wrong

The Hindu has a travel article about Mahablipuram: ON THE ROAD: `I show you Mahabalipuram' (including tour-guide -- a character who will ring a bell with anyone who's hired one in India)

Also from The Hindu: Splashes of colour
THE exasperated salesman in a cloth shop ruefully eyed the mess and beseeched the customer, "Madam, will you please tell me the exact shade of black you need for your blouse piece? I have shown you dozens of shades in black, but nothing in the shop seems to please you."

"Don't blame me for that," shot back the woman. "I want a particular shade of black, I mean the aanai (elephant) colour black and you don't seem to have that". With that she walked out of the shop and the relieved salesman muttered to himself, "Thank God, she did not bring an elephant to show me the shade she wanted."

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