An Altered Book

I've been playing with something I'd never heard of until a few weeks ago: altered books. I love books more than most things, so there is a kind of sublimated eroticism to holding them and superimposing myself on them.

Here are the first pages I've produced. I had bought a book on Indian mythology from a remainder table some years back -- and then realised that it deserved to be there. It was disappointing, and I knew I'd never read it. So I planned to alter it using the theme of gods -- the religious ones, and also the secular 'gods' of India: film stars and cricket players. (My scanner is broken, or I'd have shown here a picture from the front page of today's New Indian Express: a puja being done to ensure an Indian victory in today's cricket match with Pakistan in Lahore.) I haven't gotten very far, and it's beginner's work -- but there it is.