High Dive

I took a high dive from a pair of grass-green platform shoes once in Boston Garden, in the Spring. The weather was wonderful, sunny and warm. I wore a long dress in a floral print, which I had sewn myself. I felt as stylish and beaufitul as I ever could, which seemed like a LOT. An old man passed me and said, "You look like the spirit of Spring." And I did!

Just-like-that I toppled from my pedestals, thunderstruck, onto my knees on the pathway. A man approached with a look of sympathy and said, "Need any help?"

I smiled a gallant smile, gathered myself, and walked home barefooted, swinging my green shoes from one hand.


LaVieQ said...

Surely, you meant the Boston Common and not the Boston Garden (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Garden)? :-)

Ramesh Gandhi said...

Hmmm, good point. In fact, come to think of it, it was actually the Fenway, near Fenway Park... thanks for jogging my memory :)