Coonoor: A Morning Walk

On my first morning in Coonoor, in the cool Nilgiri hills, I went for a walk. Here are some of the things I saw:

All Saints' Church

A troop of monkeys living in style above a roadside garbage heap

Empty, meandering one-lane roads lined with wildflowers

Attractive bungalows, half-hidden behind trees

A No Tresspassing sign -- but since it was in Tamil I felt that I could ignore it ;). I walked down a path and saw

A tea garden, planted on a steep hillside, with a gurgling stream at the bottom, and forest rising on the opposite side

Dilapidated but charming buildings

More tea gardens, with a poor section of town below

A dead rat



bloomgirl said...

Hey i've been to chennai... But this is a very beautiful side of TN which I had never seen...! I really liked the pics..!

bloomgirl said...

By the way i'm new to blogging.... Visit me someday..........

Anonymous said...


I visited the site after an eon. You seem to be back in your swing.

Good...very good... Now I will visit more often.

Loved your pictures

Miriam Sagan said...

I really enjoyed this.