An interesting interview with Danny Boyle, about filming Slumdog Millionaire in Mumbai. I particularly identified with this paragraph:
AVC: Were there places it was difficult to get permission to film?

DB: There's lots of things that can be solved with cash. [Snickers.] And there's occasional things that can't be solved with cash, which become a bureaucratic nightmare for some reason, and there's no distinction between the two. There's no way of reading a situation and saying, "Yes, that'll be a bureaucratic nightmare, but that one we'll be able to buy off." It just depends on the day, apparently. The most extraordinary thing, you'd be given permission for, and then the weirdest, simplest things, you just wouldn't be able to obtain permissions. And it would go on and on and on forever and ever, and there was no way to know. You have to kind of approach it with an open, quite optimistic mind, no matter what's thrown at you, because it will only ever result in damaging the film if you let any kind of despondency get to you. You have to remain optimistic, and that's clearly how people live their lives there. Against all the odds, they retain kind of a spirit which allows them to get through against insufferable odds...


Pipa said...

Did you catch the movie yet? It is like a younger cousin of Salam Bombay + happy ending to boot.

The woman I watched the movie with said she need at least a couple of glasses of wine to mellow down.

It was racy and thrilling.

Nancy said...

I haven't seen it -- I'll wait for the DVD. I'm glad to know it has a happy ending, though -- enough bad news for awhile!

Friendz said...

hi, haven't seen it
I'm glad to know about it

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Brian said...


Have really enjoyed reading your blog, and was hoping you could lend some perspective.

I will be joining the Foreign Service on Jan. 5, and am writing to inquire about life in Chennai. I'm very much interested in possibly preffing the city high on my bid-list (assuming it is on the list), and am trying to get a feel for the security situation there, especially as it pertains to women. In your opinion, could my wife, a white 25 year old, move about freely during the day without serious concern for her safety?

Also, is there much concern for terrorism in Chennai? Would the recent attacks in Mumbai change your analysis? Does the potential for conflict between India and Pakistan bear on the safety situation in Chennai?

Thanks so much for any thoughts or advice you could lend. If you wouldn't mind, please respond to my gmail address:

Brian Manning

Isabel said...

I missed this blog and your drawings. Welcome back!