It's the best kind of weather: rain, not heavy and therefore destructive, but fairly steady and saturating, so that the garden looks impossibly, radiantly green. The temperature is almost 20 degrees less than it was a couple of weeks ago -- in the upper 80s.

We went to Amethyst and sat on the verandah, watching drops of water dropping from leaves and drinking cappuccino. It was heavenly.


Isabel said...

I'm glad Chennai finally got some rain. That must be a big relief! Here in Bangalore it's cool enough to wear long sleeves!

Ah Amethyst... I spend a lot of time there when I'm in Chennai. An afternoon on the veranda under a fan with a good book is pure bliss!

Joel said...

Rain is a word that might as well be a spot of Old English right out of Beowulf, a term for which we have no cognates here in this Southern California June.

Lucy said...

A picture like that from a place called Amethyst, where you sit on a verandah under a fan or watching raindrops. Sounds utter bliss.