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R tells a story from his childhood -- about the herbal hair oil which his father brewed up for the family.

My post about the Armenian Church for Chennai Metroblogging

A book-binding demonstration: how to make an Indian-style financial ledger

Wonderful pictures on in Camera of the recently-ended Kapaleeswarar temple festival -- scattered over several posts - scroll down.

I heard about this from my sister, but she saw it on boingboing: It's a short video of an Indian traffic intersection. Boingboing's text reads in part
Here's a hypnotically captivating video of a congested street in India. The pedestrians, scooter drivers, impossibly tiny-car drivers, and huge-truck drivers seem to have ESP because everything flows so smoothly...

(I assume that by 'impossibly tiny cars' they're referring to the auto rickshaws.) When I saw this I had just finished driving to Kodambakkam and back in heavy traffic - one hour each way - and my first thought was, "You call this traffic? This is nothing!" But it does give an idea of how it is to drive here: you have to get into the flow of it, and then things (usually) move right along.

Overheard: "Some women age very quickly -- oxydation or whatever..."

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