Sighting the Moon

I really like this: Sallie Wolf's Moon Project
I have been watching for the moon since November 30, 1994. On that morning I was surprised to spot a crescent moon low in the eastern sky at 6:30 AM. From nursery rhymes I had always assumed the moon was a nighttime visitor, and I was puzzled to see it rising at the same time I was. It hit me that I knew almost nothing about the moon, and I decided to watch for it and see what I could teach myself just by looking....(more)

The Moon Project is not about the moon as much as about my relationship to the moon. I have learned quite a lot about the patterns of the moon and its movements, but more importantly, I have come to a different understanding about time and opportunity. The moon is not visible only at night or at the same time everyday. I have to fit my schedule to the moon's, and I have to seize the opportunity to record the moon when it is visible, not when it is convenient. If I miss seeing the moon (bad weather, too many trees, forgot to look), that chance is gone. But each day presents a new opportunity...

Download your own moon sighting chart.

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