Two Things

Abraham dropped by again yesterday. He has somehow decided that we, like him, should sell our house to a computer company for a fabulous price. He even brought a broker with him. We aren't interested in selling, so it was a waste -- though he did drop in one sentence which made my eyes pop: "... you know his third wife ran away with a mrdangam player (a drummer)... "

She was clearly unhappy, but a mrdangam player! Gracious!

Hindi movie on TV, policeman to criminal: "If only you were my brother, I would be able to show you that you are on the wrong path."

Oh for God's sake, he is your brother! Don't you know that? Whenever anyone says, "I feel as though you were my relative," he / she is your relative. Especially if one of you is rich and the other poor, or one is a policeman and the other a criminal. Don't you know anything about Hindi movies??

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