In Court 2

I went again with my friend to the court, and did some sketching:
The opposing lawyer is not here. My friend's lawyer is angry. "I called him to find out why he didn't come. He's just sitting in his chamber. He said he didn't know the date. How can it be?" He complains to the judge. "Your Honour, you must give ex parte judgment." The judge smiles slightly, says, "I cannot give an ex parte judgment, sir."

 The lawyer turns to us, exasperated. "This lawyer, he puts tika (i.e., he wears the forehead-mark of a religious man) and lies."

Time passes. Nothing much is happening. The lawyer examines his hands.

The judge also waits. A lawyer walks in, speaks to him, he replies, then there is silence again, except for the chuff-chuff-chuff of the three ceiling fans.

Finally the opposing lawyer does arrive, with a rueful grimace.

The two lawyers go through their routines: "You promise to speak truth?" "Yes." In a few minutes it's over.

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