A Couple of Things

When I came downstairs this morning, the sky was a soft grey, and the garden seemed to have a pale green wash overall -- the house next door, the badminton court, everything tinged with green. A little rain, at last.

Kannan sent me this great site: Interactive Kolam. Choose from a selection of kolam designs, and see how they are drawn.

And Mint Tea & Sympathy tells me that in the past, Scottish housewives would wash their front steps and then paint chalk spirals on them.

Taking to heart Vernaculo's advice: "Loosen. Which is like listen. Listen to them. Don't think of after. Let them be. Let them come through your hand," I had another go at the capsicum, this time using my cellphone photo of the subject as my model -- since the original had meanwhile undergone metamorphosis and become pakodas (which Anand tells me are best enjoyed during the rainy season). I still don't have the faintest idea about colour -- now it looks more like an apple... Nevertheless, onward and upward:

(The capsicum on top is the photo, obviously.
It is glued over my truly horrendous first attempt at letting go.)

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