Features and Cautions

Just before I went on vacation, I acquired two new speakers and a subwoofer (what a name!) for my computer. They came with a supply of admonitions. Here are a few – as a place-marker, while I write up my vacation notes.

With built-in amplifier and perfect match of subwoofer and satellites deign, the system reflect the purity of sound and creates powerful sound effect.

Pretty shaped satellite speaker creates clear and gentle treble effect.

Front volume and bass control make it easy to adjust to your demanding level.


Don’t put the system in high temperature or humid environment, avoid from water and strong shock.

Don’t open the cabinet to avoid electric shock or other accident. In case of damage, please ask for professional help.

In case of long time not using, please plug off the power plug. ('To off' is a common verb, by the way -- as in, "Shall I off the lights?")

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