This is from Snakeskin, the British poetry ezine. Helena Nelson is an excellent poet, and a generous one, too:
You are invited to become part of an experiment in poetry e-publishing. Re:United, a new verse collaboration by Helena Nelson and George Simmers, takes the form of an email correspondence between two fictional characters, Stan and Penny. It begins when Stan finds Penny's contact details on the Friends Reunited website, and gets in touch with her.

That was the only thing the authors decided before they began to write. The various letters gradually improvise the characters, the relationship, the back story.

So that you'll experience the unfolding sequence in something like the same way that the poets did, we have decided that the smartest way to publish this correspondence is as a series of emails from the two characters. We offer all readers the opportunity to add their e-addresses to a list of subscribers. Participating readers will receive one email letter/poem each day for a fortnight, from either Stan or Penny, and so will experience the correspondence more or less in real time.

If you would like to receive the poems, just mail to with the subject line Reunited List.

This list will be used only for the purpose of publishing the Re:united sequence of poems, and will not be used for any other purpose or passed on to anyone else. Recipients who get fed up with the poems can remove their names from the list at any time.

Helena Nelson's latest collection is Starlight on Water, published by Rialto. George Simmers is editor of Snakeskin Poetry Webzine.

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